Odds Extractor™ : Data Gathering and Analysis for Betfair™


You know the feeling. Just when you think you have it sussed the market comes back to hit you where it hurts. In the wallet!! Wouldn’t it be great if you could analyse not only what went wrong but also the best possible strategy going forward. Now you can!

Odds Extractor has been created to allow you to export live streaming prices and volume data from any selected Betfair market to your computer in real time. You will be able to import the file into a spreadsheet or database for later analysis. Use Odds Extractor to carefully analyse all sorts of markets on Betfair to enable you to refine and push forward on new strategies. Also, when things go wrong its helpful to know if you could do something different next time. In short, its an invaluable tool. If you regularly use exchanges or simply want to understand them better, Odds Extractor will enhance your exchange experience. It will also give you an edge in this competitive marketplace.

If you follow horse racing you will know that many people lay at low odds as a race starts. With Odds Extractor you will be able to see how much was laid, when and the total amount of matched bets in the market. Simply priceless information.

You will also be able to see how quickly the market returns from suspension, where that £50k went that you swore you saw a second ago, how fast odds change, when they change, why and what the market is doing on open or post suspension.

Professionally written in the UK by a team whose HQ is a short drive from Betfair’s Hammersmith offices this is an application built by professionals for professionals.

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