Trading Room : Go GREEN on Betfair and Profit Regardless of the Outcome!

Bet Exchange Traders have recently implemented a new internet based ‘Trading Room’ to compliment their existing successful Trading Post selections. These selections have been extensively researched and they have a strike rate above 80% (On the occasions when they encounter a losing trade they have a game plan already prepared and they cut without hesitation. You will know exactly what to do and when to do it).

The new ‘Trading Room’ teaches you discipline and helps you to avoid all the other problems that traders face, cutting too soon, not leaving a trade to reach its full potential, over trading, under trading, getting even with the market, etc.

The Trading Room has been designed to get all traders GREEN, and also features an instant poll where you can anonymously say whether you made money on the selections or not – this way they can keep an eye on anyone who has a problem area and correct it. Already they have some very good traders shaping up, with excellent attitudes, who are getting ready for life as true betting exchange professionals.

Custom Built Betfair Bots Developed to Your Exact Specifications

Need a Betfair Bot, but don’t want to pay huge amounts to have it built? Custom Bots developed for Betfair at a fraction of the cost. Over 10,000+ specialist programmers bid to work on your project. You get a quality Betfair application built to your exact specifications at the price YOU want to pay.

Bots can be developed with or without using the Betfair API and you are under no obligation to accept any bid request. This is the most effective and cost efficient way to build a bot.

Many Betfair traders have used this service and been very impressed with it. Simply outline your project (with full non-disclosure available) and let programmers bid to complete it. Escrow service and full progress reporting makes this a safe and reliable means of undertaking any Betfair Programming project.

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